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  1. Li Song + Jackson Burton + Luciano Maggiore

    solo performance

    - Hundred Years Gallery link
  2. Cafe OTO


    - Cafe OTO link
  3. Ambient-Festival

    Ensemble [ _ _ _] offline debut

    - St. Michael link
  4. Der dritte Körper - Ensemble [ _ _ _ ]

    Online Premiere of Algorithmic Network-music Performance

    - Internet link
  5. Algopolis live

    [ _ _ _] (Li Song, Jia Liu & Shouxin Tan) join the live coding meeting in Ljubljana hosted by Ljudmila Lab, live streaming on Youtube

    - Ljudmila Lab link
  6. Transmission #26: Granular Flow ft. Li Song

    An hour long improvisation with Littoral Transmissions (Adam Kinsey & Stephan Barrett)

    - Threads Radio link
  7. escdotdot presents [ _ _ _ ]

    Collaborative algorithmic music performance and Q&A with Edward Sanderson

    - HKBU AVA link
  8. TOPLAP Transnodal livecode stream

    the debut live coding pefromance of [ _ _ _ ], my network music ensemble with Jia Liu and Shuoxin Tan

    - TOPLAP link
  9. 1000 Ears, collaboration with Mengting Zhuo

    live audio performance for one person at a time

    - Internet link
  10. Online Concert by People, Places and Things

    Group improvisation 2 sets, Kevin Corcoran / Yoko Ikeda / Gretchen Jude / Li Song

    - Youtube link
  11. Practice 4#

    solo laptop and objects practice, live streaming on bilibili/youtube

    - Bilibili/Youtube link
  12. SUBPHONICS - Live Sound Session

    Li Song/Adam Paroussos/Erin Robinson/Jamie Turner, Giulio Dal Lago/Yinan Ji/Toby Edwards/Ava Halloran

    - The Beehive Pub
  13. Improvised Music at Arch1

    Stephan Barrett/Laura Cioffi/Li Song

    - Arch1 link
  14. Maybe Noise Exhibition, Three Pieces About Centrifugal Circular

    video recording of the performance of my composition "62, 63, 64"

    - Maybe Mars 20% space
  15. 2019 Sally Can't Dance Festival

    My piece 62 63 64 performe by Jun-Y Ciao/Sheng Jie/Zhang Shouwang

    - Ming Contemporary Art Museum link
  16. The Hello GoodBye Show at Resonance 104.4 FM

    3.5 minutes short live piece with Livia Garcia

    - Resonance 104.4 FM link
  17. The Horse

    with Livia Garcia and Sue Lynch

    - IKLECTIK Art-Lab link
  18. Sonic Electronics with NOx / gon7o / Li Song / Purpura

    solo improvsation

    - The Others link
  19. Algorave Beijing

    Live Coding performance: HydrKlank/Shihpin Lin/Ding Xin/Li Song, DJ: Dj dj

    - fRUITYSPACE link
  20. Silver Spoon Live 04

    solo laptop performance

    - Modern Sky LAB Cafe&Bar link
  21. System Error Vol.58

    solo performance

    - WuQiong Club link
  22. Four works

    Four works by Li Song and No performance

    - fRUITYSPACE link
  23. Maybe Noise Festival

    62 63 64 played by Jun-Y Ciao, Yan Yulong and Zhu Wenbo

    - Minsheng Art Museum link
  24. autumn concert at fruityspace

    duo with Li Yan/duo with Ding Chenchen

  25. Miji Concert 56

    Mai Mai + Li Song + Li Weisi: improvised trio

    - studio h, shilibao link
  26. Miji Concert 55

    Solo performance

    - studio h, shilibao link
  27. Improvisation at fRUITYSPACE

    w/ Zhao Cong, Zhu Wenbo and Guibog

    - fRUITYSPACE link
  28. system error: living room concert

    solo performance and duo with qinling

    - living room
  29. 62 63 64

    new composition for 3 melodicas and electronic

    - Maybe mars 20% space
  30. CAFAcat show

    solo performance; workshop on live coding music

    - CAFA cat link
  31. improvisation and composition

    w/ yanjun, yan yulong and others

    - Maybe mars 20% space
  32. 3 ge ge

    with Ding Chenchen, Li Yan

  33. ThereBe life

    opening performance for guibog's robot Exhibition

    - fRUITYSPACE link
  34. three duos

    a new concert series, line up: Li Song/Li Yan, Zhu Wenbo/Bog, Ma Jin/Wang Ziheng

    - fRUITYSPACE link
  35. PLACE HOLDER tour

    solo electronic

    - fRUITYSPACE link
  36. with William Costa, Ake, Zhu Wenbo and Zhao Cong

    - fRUITYSPACE link
  37. with DingChenChen

    - School Bar link
  38. Miji Concert 50

    Porta Chiusa plays No Performance

    - Meridian Space link
  39. At SPEKTRUM Berlin

    solo performance

    - SPEKTRUM link
  40. PYRAMID POWER Festival

    Debut Performance of Raw Input(Me and Ma Jin)

    - fRUITYSPACE link
  41. solo dianzi performance (With XBH, Zhao Cong, Marco Cher-Gibard)

    - fRUITYSPACE link
  42. No Performance at fRUITYSPACE

    insecta / okra

  43. Miji Concert 46

    solo piece for computer and melodica

    - Meridian Space link
  44. No Performance play Insecta: II

    Play Insecta at Meridian Space

    - Meridian Space link
  45. No Performance play Insecta

    a sine wave work related to space and feedback.

    - fRUITYSPACE link
  46. Miji Concert 41

    Okra (big band version), performers include: Li Song, Ake, Daneil Beban, Zhao Cong, Ding Chen Chen, Vavabond, Abing, Zhu Wenbo

    - Meridian Space link
  47. Pyramid Club #2 @ Beijing

    duo performance with Zhao Cong

    - fRUITYSPACE link
  48. Pyramid Club #1 @ Beijing

    debut performance of Do you have a bio and photo?

    - fRUITYSPACE link
  49. Okra

    No Performance's new computer music piece

    - MaybeMars office
  50. an improvised Friday

    live coding sound with Shihpin Lin

    - fRUITYSPACE link
  51. Miji Concert 38

    solo laptop performance

    - Meridian Space link
  52. an improvised Wednesday

    live coding sound with Ma Jin and others

    - fRUITYSPACE link
  53. Hex 1

    nosie improv with Tadashi Usami

    - Bushbash, Tokyo link
  54. The Meeting 19

    pulse nosie with Tadashi Usami

    - Asagaya TEN, Tokyo link
  55. Miji Concert 34

    sine wave duo with Tadashi Usami

    - Fruity Space link
  56. OSCHub rehearsal: Sinusoidal Computation

    sine wave networked piece

    - OSCHub link
  57. fRUITYSHOP: Improvsation Night

    improvsation with 王子衡、朱文博、大奥万事屋

    - fRUITYSHOP link
  58. OSCHub rehearsal: Sine

    sine wave improvisation with Tadashi Usami

    - OSCHub link
  59. Shih-Yang LEE Improvisation

    No Port opening for Shih-Yang LEE

    - Beijing AOTU studio link
  60. BIPOLAR RECORDS X NOISHANGHAI - 12 hours gig of noise!

    first public performance of No Port, my live coding duo with abing

    - Shanghai INFERNO link
  61. Multimedia Stories Concert: 恶波/E Bo

    live performance and sound with Ake

    - Beijing AOTU Studio link
  62. XP Closing Party

    solo laptop noise

    - Beijing XP Club link
  63. OSCHub rehearsal 20150629

    networked rehearsal with Tadashi Usami and Chris Brown

    - OSCHub link
  64. OSCHub test performance

    networked noise with Tadashi Usami and Chris Brown

    - OSCHub link
  65. Living Room Tour Beijing 2015

    live performance with Zhu Wenbo and VavaBond

    - Living Room link
  66. Zoomin's Night 2015.05.26

    sine wave composition with Zhu Wenbo

    - Beijing XP Club link
  67. Opening performance for SOCIAL SUBCONSCIOUSNESS

    improvisation with Zhu Wenbo(bass clarinet)

    - 泓艺术空间 Hong Studio link
  68. Senko Issha Gig #1

    laptop noise and colloration with Zhu Wenbo, Xie Zhongqi

    - 先行一車 黑膠倉庫 link
  69. 耳集拾 C.G.10

    solo laptop noise and colloration with Zhu Wenbo

    - Ruh Cafe link
  70. Improvisation Jam at tranSonic 2015

    group improvisation with 王福瑞(Fujui WANG )、王新仁(Aluan WANG)、王連晟(Lien-cheng WANG)、姚仲涵(YAO Chung Han)、吳秉聖(WU Ping-Sheng)、賴宗昀(LAI Tsung-Yun)、盧藝(LU Yi) and 朱文博(ZHU Wenbo)

    - 空場 Polymer link
  71. Zoomin's Night 2015.01.13

    laptop noise and visual work for kiddeng, DingChenChen

    - Beijing XP Club link
  72. Zoomin's Night 2014.10.28

    live audiovisual performance by kunjinkao

    - Beijing XP Club link
  73. Zoomin's Night 9.16

    live noise with Deng Cheng Long

    - Beijing XP Club link
  74. Zoomin's Night 8.19

    live laptop noise

    - Beijing XP Club link
  75. system error vol.41

    live visuals and audiovisual performance

    - Xi’an Aperture Club link
  76. system error environment improv vol.4

    laptop noise in xiangyu forest park

    - Xi'an XiangYu Forest Park link
  77. system error vol.39

    live visual performance for Qinling Resort and Don Vito

    - Xi’an Aperture Club link
  78. HAZE

    audioviual performance, 3 wall projections.

    - Xi’an OCT Contemporary Art Terminal link
  79. system error vol.37

    live visual performance for Qinling Resort

    - Xi’an Aperture Club link
  80. mixture

    audiovisual performance, in collaboration with guitarist Gu Tianle

    - Xi’an Aperture Club link
  81. the 2nd anniversary of system error

    audiovisual performance

    - Xi’an Aperture Club link
  82. system error vol.24

    audiovisual performance

    - Xi’an Aperture Club link