Li Song

Upcoming Events

  1. three duos

    a new concert series, line up: Li Song/Li Yan, Zhu Wenbo/Bog, Ma Jin/Wang Ziheng

    fRUITYSPACE, beijing link


  • My new design work: Beijing 2016–2017 by Edward Sanderson, published by the label Zoomin‘ Night 燥眠夜, available on cassette and/or digital download. More detail on bandcamp page.

    Beijing 2016-2017 By Edward Sanderson Beijing 2016-2017 By Edward Sanderson
  • I'm making an application about musicial instrument, subscribe this mailing list if you're interested

Sean Lee
Photo by Zhao Cong

Hi, my name is Li Song. I’m a software developer and experimental musician based in Beijing. I co-organized Soundleaks, a sound art/tech event.

Don’t hesitate to write to me if you have something to say: